Campus Spotlight: Charge into Fannin Elementary

Campus Spotlight Fannin featuring Students working with Ozobots

As students unload for drop off at the front lawn of Fannin Elementary, they are greeted by a bright, colorful alphabet painted on the sidewalk which leads into a welcoming, family environment that extends throughout the campus and into each classroom. This unique campus has built a culture which inspires students and staff to work together to set goals and celebrate achievement. In this week's campus spotlight, Charge into Fannin Elementary. 

Mrs. Cathy Humble, Principal of Fannin Elementary, and her team are focused on student growth by setting goals and providing opportunities to reach those goals in order to become better learners, leaders, and citizens through a shared campus vision, “Impact Lives, Inspire Greatness”. The team at Fannin is determined to provide an educational experience in which students feel safe to make mistakes and learn from those mistakes through intentional goal setting and systems which reward student achievement and effort.

Fannin Elementary has earned the distinct honor of being named a Capturing Kids’ Hearts (CKH) showcase school, which recognizes campuses who practice, learn, and model skills to build a safe, welcoming school with a relationship-driven culture which prioritzes student social-emotional wellbeing. Through the CKH process, Fannin Elementary utilizes campus and classroom social contracts focused on responsibility, respectfulness, and safety which promotes student learning and a sense of belonging. If you walk the halls at Fannin on a typical day, you can hear students talking about “filling buckets” - a way to help others feel included and valued at their school. Mrs. Humble notes seeing a group of students concerned about a classmate who was feeling down. These students showed empathy and reported to a teacher that they were going to “fill her bucket” in order to make that student feel more included. 

Mrs. Humble reflects on the growth, dedication, and adaption of her team at Fannin who are willing to continue to learn, just like the students! Each team member is fully committed to engaging their students by constantly seeking new ways to teach concepts and learn new strategies. She extends a special thanks to her team for going above and beyond this year in order to help themselves, their teammates, and their students thrive, grow, and reach their full potential. 

Fannin Elementary has a rich history in its San Angelo community, opening its doors in 1967 and serving generations of San Angelo families. In 1998, a new addition was added to the back of the school called Hagan Hall, dedicated to Barbara Hagan. Ms. Hagan was a dedicated educator who taught for 34 years at Fannin Elementary starting the first year Fannin opened and remained teaching the same grade level in the same classroom during her entire tenure. Fannin’s current Instructional Coach, Mrs. Devin Hagan, has a special connection to Ms. Hagan as she is married to Barbara’s step-grandson. 

Principal Humble and team express sincere gratitude to community partners who consistently support the school in a multitude of ways including San Angelo First Church. Mrs. Humble says they are always willing to help in any way and are very active on campus including donating water and snacks for the students. 

We hope you enjoyed this SAISD Campus Spotlight on Fannin Elementary. We wish our Fannin Chargers, Mrs. Humble, and her Fannin team and a wonderful 2021-2022 school year, and the fulfillment of, and progress toward, growing hopes and dreams! To stay up-to-date on San Angelo ISD, please visit the SAISD website at and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.