Counselor Corner

It is a great day to be a Falcon!

My name is Kalie Fontenot and I am the School Counselor here at Santa Rita Elementary. Below you will find some artifacts and action shots of the social emotional learning that is happening around campus. I hope what you explore warms your heart just as much as it warms mine! Scroll down to view the CKH parent newletters at the bottom of the page.

Counseling Advisory Committee Agenda 1 Powerpoint:

Counseling Advisory Committee Agenda 1 Minutes:

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Making students, staff, and community members feel welcome is a top priority of ours! 

Our librarian supports social emotional learning as well! She teamed up with our counselor to create an area to showcase the books that our counselor uses in bibliocounseling during guidance! 

These are some of our monthly character trait pillars that are in our courtyard!

Students in 3rd grade created a school Bully Box. Students who are having hardships with friends, relationships, ect. can drop me a note to inform me. This gives students an alternative way to be a voice and advocate for themselves!

During a whole group guidance lesson, some of our students created cards with positive affirmations and quotes. Mrs. Fontenot then gave the cards to our Central High School fooball coach to pass out to all athletes and coaches before their game. 

This was a fun activity that allowed for our students to use their creativity and imagination while being invloved in social emotional learning lesson during guidance. Being taught tools, strategies, and coping methods helps students be successful all around! How fun and cute is this superhero!!

The K-2nd and 3rd-5th grade students each created artifacts and played  games relating to one of our monthly character traits from CKH. This one is over Empathy!

This is a group of students during whole group guidance watching and listening to bibliocousneling. This is a form of guidance that allows for time spent with books that lead to powerful conversations over multiple topics. 

At Santa Rita all classrooms create a social contract at the beginning of the year. Students and staff sign their name as a promise to follow the social contract. Our three core value on campus are: Safe , Respectful, and Responsible. 

Temperature checks are taken at the door each morning students arrive. This allows staff to gage students SEL quickly and hold conversations before they enter into the classroom. 


What you feed grows, right? This is a picture of our campus brag board (feedback board) that we just recently filled up! We have brag boards in all classrooms for students to place their name on in some way. Once the class fills up the brag board, there is time set aside to honor and reflect on the "celebration". Students then bring their class team logo gathered from the office to place on the campus brag board. Once the campus brag board is filled, there are campus-wide celebrations! We love this way of gathering feedback and affirmining the various ways stduents are being safe, respectful, and responsible in classrooms and around campus. 

Monthly Character Trait Newsletters


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