Welcome to the Santa Rita Library page!  Our library is open throughout the day for check out!  There are books for all elementary reading ranges and interests!  I strive to teach the students how to find books they need and want by using the Destiny catalog.  This helps them feel confident when they transition to the secondary school libraries or use the downtown library.  Our digital bookshelf is growing so they will be learning how to use them as well!

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Starting in the fall, I encourage 3rd grade – 5th grade students to read Bluebonnet Nominee books. These are books Texas librarians have chosen for student to read and then vote on their favorite!  This is an award where kids get to choose the winner!!! Voters will have a celebration in February when they learn the state winner of the Bluebonnet Award.

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During the year, as current events permit, there are special programs in the library.  January is usually Readers are Leaders.  I ask community leaders to tell us about their reading experience as children and encourage the students to keep reading.  Often they will read a story or portion of a longer book.

Another program that comes to us is Music in Literature.  A member of the San Angelo Symphony comes with a book and plays the instrument that is featured in the book.  The children love this!

Mr. Bear and Mrs. Naul try to make our library a fun and enjoyable place to be!  She hopes to see your students there!