Support Staff

Jennifer Blunier- Assistant Principal                   email 


Traci Jordan- Counselor                                                email 


Marie Marshall- Instructional
Coach                                                                                         email


Sara Lewallen- Special Education                          email


Diana Ortega- Secretary A                                         email 


Myryam Vela- Secretary B                                         email

Brenda Naul- Library Aide

Michelle Richardson- Instructional Aide 

Christina Schneider- Instructional Aide  


Office and Admin staff

Our office and administrative staff: 
Top row: Marie Marshall, Kay Scott, Jennifer Blunier, and Diana Ortega
Bottow Row: Myryam Vela, Traci Jordan, and Kyann Slaughter

Christina Schneider, Brenda Naul, and Michelle Richardson. Christina and Michelle are paraprofessionals who work with students in class, and Brenda runs our library and steam lab. 

Our interventionist, Jessica Boling, and our Special Education teacher, Sara Lewallen