Support Staff

Misty Gallimore- Counselor                              email 


Marie Marshall- Instructional
Coach and Virtual Support
teacher for 4-5 Grades                                          email


Lorie Heath- Virtual Support 
Teacher for K-3rd grade                                       email


Sara Lewallen- Special Education                  email


Diana Ortega- Secretary A                                 email 


Mary Cook- Secretary B                                       email

Brenda Naul- Library Aide

Michelle Richardson- Instructional Aide 

Christina Schneider- Instructional Aide  


You can find these amazing ladies in and around the main office!
Top Row: Mrs. Scott, Mrs. Marshall, and Ms. Gallimore
Bottom Row: Mrs. Ortega, Mrs. Cook

You can find these amazing ladies helping students during the day!
Mrs. Richardson, Mrs. Schneider, and Mrs. Naul